• Seifenblasen zum anfassen
  • Seifenblasen zum anfassen

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Details für Seifenblasen zum anfassen

Seifenblasen haben für Kinder etwas Magisches. 
Sie schillern in der Sonne und gleiten mit einer Leichtigkeit durch die Luft.
Doch so schön sie auch sind, zerplatzen sie auch schon bei der ersten Berührung.
Dies kann Ihnen mit den Seifenblasen zum anfassen nicht passieren.
Die Seifenblasen sind extra dafür ausgelegt, diese aus der Luft zu fangen.
Die haltbaren Blasen bleiben einfach auf der Haut kleben.
So haben Kinder das Verhalten von Seifenblasen mit Sicherheit noch nicht erlebt.
Wenn man geschickt ist, kann man die einzelnen Blasen sogar auf der Hand stapeln. 
Das zaubert den Kindern wieder ein langfristiges Lächeln ins Gesicht und den Eltern somit auch.
- Seifenblasen zum Anfassen halten extra lange 
- Kunststofffläschen mit 22 ml Inhalt
- passt in jede Tasche 
- Maße: 12 cm
- Gewicht: ca. 45 g

Kundenmeinungen Seifenblasen zum anfassen

  Gast am 23.02.2017
2 von 5 Sternen!

Thank you, Robert. You make an excellent point. While this piece was really directed at designers building apps as we know them today, touch offers some incredible opportunities to re-think how we interact with objects. Have you read Shaping Things by Bruce Sterling? I recommend it if you are interested in the topic of &#n#80;i2telligent&28221; objects.

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  Gast am 30.07.2014
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  Gast am 27.07.2014
5 von 5 Sternen!

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  Gast am 27.07.2014
1 von 5 Sternen!

Thank you interconnected, magic wlveoys!!This class helped me to feel that in the theater of the real one should learn to play with abandon. And that a mask that doesn't fit (but is worn nevertheless, often completely unaware of it) restrains acting with abandon.It also made me realise that a function and role are two different things (though often being carried simultaneously) and language invites us to mix them up. After examining i discovered that i don't like to play pompous, serious roles or roles of domination, gain or serious maliciousness. I like to play clown roles or retarded roles (the latter coming extremely naturally to me, i trully feel i may be on the retarded side sometimes, which .. fills me with laughter), or the pompous type of roles as grotesque, exagerated impersonation.I looked at scenes of laughter with other beings and comical joy.Then i looked at scenes of tension and misalignment and i discovered that despite what has to be enacted in such moments i wear a mask/body position of energy and tension grouped at the neck, shoulders, head level, and no breath. This also links to a not-rooted stance and attitude, shrank presence and timid energy field.With such a mask no energy or feeling can be projected outwards in a clear way. After doing the first round of the Wolf i discovered that i need to change slightly my sleeping habits, to feel more fresh and awake while in the midst of social interactions. Then after the next round, i dreamt a new mask of coolness and rooted stable lightness, side-rib extension breathing and some tinge of humour while in the difficult interaction. Dettachment from concerns about my selfpresentation' also. After the third round i listened in silence to the wolf and in addition to the previous mask features came soft kindness, the dettached coolness was more directed inwards, and compassion look at the other outside.Today, a few hours ago i practiced this new stance: i was less shrank, more rooted, i felt this as strenght-more silent yet with kindness coming from inside.

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